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BSP Asset Register
Asset Register enables you to perform depreciation calculations on your company’s assets, update your general ledger & report on asset management all within your Sage Accpac ERP accounting system. This is for companies who wish to depreciate assets each fiscal period, for book and tax values using straight line or declining balance methods. Compatible with Advantage Series Versions 5.2, 5.3 and 5.4 and Sage Accpac Insight Data Warehouse & Enterprise Budgeting.

You can also use Asset Register stand alone with only System Manager & a Lanpak User.
Benefits of Asset Register:
Fully Integrated optionally with Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and General Ledger
Barcode stocktake included
Transactions based on business %
Uses your Fiscal Calendar
Accuracy in calculation
Full audit trails and keeps all transaction history
Avoids double entering of acquisitions and disposals
Handles Tax appropriately
Very easy to setup & use
Learn more about BSP Asset Register

Sage Insight & Business Intelligence
Sage Accpac Insight is an enterprise-wide reporting, budgeting, forecasting and consolidation solution. Powerful features and integration with Sage Software business management applications make Insight today's choice for fast, accurate managerial reporting and analysis.

A high-performance financial management tool, Insight helps you create and customize reports that can withstand the toughest scrutiny. Insight extends far beyond your general ledger, providing a powerful solution complete with bottom-up budgeting, budget write-back, drill-down, multi-dimensional analysis and other advanced customization capabilities. It provides access to your critical operational and sales data, as well as customer, product, vendor, employee, geographic data and more. You can quickly integrate information into meaningful reports and distribute them across your enterprise in near real time while applying user-level security, ensuring that confidential information remains confidential.

From basic reporting capabilities to full-feature enterprise consolidations, Insight offers a range of components designed to help you build a system according to your particular business requirements. Learn more about 

Sage Accpac Insight 

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EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)
Extending the Power of EDI to the Internet –Quickly, Reliably and Cost-Effectively.
EDI Processing is a comprehensive electronic data interchange (EDI) solution that complies with traditional EDI technologies and offers cost-effective EDI connectivity via the Internet. EDI Processing supports global EDI and
Internet standards, empowering you to conduct business with trading partners, regardless of the EDI system or Value Added Network (VAN) they're using.

EDI Processing offers back-office integration for automated transaction processing, and a wide range of deployment options designed to meet your business requirements and those of your trading partners. It easily integrates with Sage ACCPAC accounting systems out of the box, as well as providing stand-alone capabilities.

Whether you’re using EDI today or are new to EDI transaction processing, EDI Processing is designed to help your company:
_ Reduce business transaction costs
_ Comply with customer and vendor EDI mandates
_ Eliminate duplicate data entry
_ Provide timely order processing and reconciliation
_ Reduce error rates associated with manual data entry
_ Speed collection times
_ Improve shipping and receiving accuracy
_ Improve customer satisfaction with faster response times
_ And much more!
Integrated, Affordable Business-to-Business EDI Transaction Service

Wage Easy Payroll & Human Resources
Wage Easy Payroll HR is a software solution specially designed for Australian employment conditions. It's intuitive, easy-to-use and fully integrated. Wage Easy is designed to grow with your business. A feature rich core product and smart add on options means seamless management as your employee base increases. Even the most complex award structures are no longer a challenge for your payroll staff, being processed as effortlessly as a simple salary. At the same time, the program is flexible enough to accept Workplace or Enterprise Bargaining Agreements, you can include the conditions of their employment as unique modules in the interpreter.
Learn more about Wage Easy or visit www.wageeasy.com.au.

Sage MicrOpay
Sage MicrOpay is a leading Australian provider in developing and supplying payroll and people management software solutions and services to the small and medium enterprise markets. With more than 6,000 clients and over 20 years experience, we cater for a diverse range of industries.

Building on our years of experience within this specialised field, we are able to offer our clients a diverse range of payroll and people management software and services that integrates efficiently with a large range of business systems and technology architectures. With easy to use and flexible applications we are able to provide a comprehensive payroll processing experience to our clients.

Our software is proudly developed in Australia and is supported by a dedicated client service infrastructure. With a range of value-added services to our software including recruitment, consulting, training, payroll stationery and dedicated software support, Sage MicrOpay is able to offer your business an extensive payroll and people management solution. For more information visit www.sagemicropay.com.au.

Service Management
Service Management Solution for all service-oriented businesses

Sage Accpac and Service Manager are the ideal solution for any service oriented business looking to reduce administrative costs, greatly improve service, increase profits and attain a 360 degree view of their customer. Consider the following benefits:

  • The ability to control your entire business from a single point within an integrated accounting solution.
  • Save time and money by effectively managing your labour scheduling, stock availability, job profitability, RMAs, site equipment records, and most importantly, manage your relationship with your customers.
  • Critical analytical business information is readily available to you at all times.
  • You can create Service Level Agreements, Warranty and Meter Agreements to monitor and support your customers.
  • You can use the fault analysis tools to provide a quick and easy method to diagnose faults from symptoms and determine appropriate solutions each time a fault is reported for a question is asked.
  • Better management, better control, better information... Better profitability and service!

Service Manager is an advanced, highly functional and tightly integrated End-to-End Financial solution of Sage Accpac ERP, designed for any size company looking to automate transactions and processes within their business. Visit www.technisoft.com.

Point of Sale Solutions
A successful point-of-sale (POS) strategy isn't just about "the cash register." Today, you need integrated POS software systems that ensure you have the right merchandise in your stores, at the right price and at the right time. You need the ability to fully understand the buying patterns of your clients—who they are and what they want. Most of all, you need integration of an effective POS software with your Sage Accpac system and the ability to monitor activity across all retail locations, easily and cost-effectively. The solution that offers you all this, and more, is Sage Accpac's point of sale software system, ePOS.

Sage Accpac ePOS is a comprehensive point of sale system for fast-paced, high-volume, multi-site retail operations. It features an intuitive Web-based interface, provides a complete view of your customer activities and and inventory, and as a powerful POS software system, scales to meet even the most complex retail demands.

With Sage Accpac's Point of Sale (POS) software ePOS working hand-in-hand with your Sage Accpac system, you can:
• Monitor retail sales transactions from the back office
• Access up-to-the-minute inventory availability and pricing from the point of sale software module
• Link remote retail locations to your head office with complete security
• Work offline with Sage Accpac's point of sale software system during power outages or when the communication link is down
• Integrate the POS software with standard POS hardware, including touch screens, bar code readers, magnetic card readers, cash drawers, and other devices
• Easily scale your system from a single retail location to multiple sites with dozens of tills.
Learn more about Point of Sale 

Warehouse management
When your warehouse is operating at peak efficiency, there's a domino effect that can be felt all the way through your enterprise. Your warehouse employees are empowered and encouraged by their increased productivity and control of inventory. Your customers notice the quality of your service and are impressed by your quick and accurate order fulfilment. And you? With loyal employees and customers and total control over your costs, processes, and inventory, you're in a better position than ever to take your business to the next level of success.

To get the domino effect working for you, start with a powerful, feature-rich warehouse management software system that integrates with your Sage Accpac accounting system: Sage Accpac WMS. Sage Accpac's warehouse management software will enable your business to manage inventory and productivity in a time and cost-efficient manner, so that you can focus on the bigger picture.

Sage Accpac WMS automates your inventory-handling and order-fulfilment processes, and helps you better manage your supply chain. It works as part of a complete distribution system by interfacing with radio-frequency hardware, bar code technology, shipping systems, and other warehouse automation equipment. Sage Accpac WMS significantly improves allocation of resources within your warehouse.

Its three carefully designed editions address the accuracy, efficiency, and improved customer service needs of an organization. As your business grows, you can easily move from one edition to a more complex one.
Learn more about our Warehouse Management Solutions

MISys Manufacturing Software

MISys make it easy to get control of your manufacturing business by reducing your inventory, helping you get control of your production, and streamlining your production activities.

MISys software is modular, so you purchase only the functionality you need now. Start with the basic manufacturing capabilities and add modules for additional functionality as your needs grow:

• Inventory control for manufacturing
• Multi-level bills of material
• Revision control
• Integrated purchasing
• Work orders
• Custom manufacturing orders
• Master production scheduling (MPS)
• Material requirements planning (MRP)
• Bin tracking
• Serial/Lot tracking
• Bar coding 

Looking for manufacturing software that is simple to install, quick to implement, and easy to use? Software that integrates seamlessly with your Sage Accpac accounting system? You've found a manufacturing system designed to fit the needs and budget of a manufacturing firm like yours.
Start with the core module, MISys Level 1. When your company grows and needs more functionality, implement additional MISys modules, add serial/lot tracking, bin tracking, manufacturing orders, master production scheduling (MPS), material requirements planning (MRP), shop floor control, and much more.

Level 1 provides the basic functionality all manufacturing firms need: inventory control, multi-level bills of material, revision control, and integrated purchasing. It's the perfect place to start to get your production operations under control.

When the time is right, move up to Level 2, which adds production control, master production scheduling (MPS), and material requirements planning (MRP) capabilities.

Add MISys Level 3 to zero-in on your shop floor operations and get detailed production efficiency and cost analyses. 
Learn more about our MISys Manufacturing Software

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