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Sage Accpac ERP
Imagine an accounting and operations software solution that puts your business first. A solution which serves up the smart features and fierce power you and your employees need to get the job done efficiently and brilliantly. A solution that follows your pace of growth, adapts to your unique workflow, defers to your database and deployment preferences, and flexes with your organisational structure.

This solution exists and you don't have to be a huge enterprise with deep pockets to afford it. It's called Sage Accpac accounting software, and it can change the way you think, work, and imagine.

The Sage Accpac ERP System
The Sage Accpac ERP system is, at core, a sophisticated, robust accounting and operations system for small and medium sized businesses. With our ERP system you can implement only the modules you need today, then build on your financial system over time by adding more Sage Accpac modules and Options products. With the Sage Accpac ERP system you can also enhance the productivity of your entire enterprise—beyond the back-office—with end-to-end solutions, such as CRM, that integrate with Sage Accpac accounting software.

Sage Accpac Features
Sage Accpac can grow with your business. Sage Accpac is scalable. With three Sage Accpac editions to choose from, you don't have to worry about outgrowing your ERP system in the future Sage Accpac can be modified. A modular structure and customisable screens and fields make it easy to tailor Sage Accpac to your unique requirements. We are development partners and possess the tools to make desired changes.

Sage Accpac works on the Web. Web, desktop, or both? The choice is yours with flexible deployment options. You can login to your Sage Accpac system when you are away from the office.
Sage Accpac is efficient and easy to use. A graphic interface that’s consistent from screen to screen makes for easy data entry and reporting. Sage Accpac accounting software works with CRM and more. Every department of your business can be more productive and more interdependent, because Sage Accpac works as the accounting foundation for a whole set of integrated end-to-end solutions.

Sage Accpac Architecture—Not Just An IT Benefit
Even if you don’t know what multitiered or object-oriented mean, you’ll feel the strength of Sage Accpac’s architecture every time you take advantage of the system’s amazing flexibility. Learn more about the industry’s best architecture.

More about Sage Accpac ERP
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Advice on How to Choose an Accounting System

Sage CRM
SageCRM for Sage Accpac ERP is an easy to use, fast to deploy, feature-rich CRM solution providing enterprise-wide access to vital customer information—anytime, anywhere. With SageCRM for Sage Accpac ERP, you can better manage your business by integrating field sales, internal sales, customer care, and marketing information.

You can explore the following pages for more information about SageCRM for Sage Accpac ERP. However, the best way to understand how this powerful CRM solution can benefit your specific organization is to attend a live product demo. For personalised, one-on-one advice, please call us at 02 8752 6100, or send us an email.

Sales Automation
Take complete control of your sales pipeline by empowering sales teams to effectively manage, forecast and report on all phases of the sales cycle.

Marketing Automation
Track the ROI of your marketing programs by automating, tracking and analysing every marketing campaign, from one-time e-mail communications to multi-faceted marketing programs.

Customer Care
Make the most of every customer interaction by ensuring customer satisfaction and even allowing your customers to help themselves.

Access and Synchronisation Options

Microsoft Outlook Integration
Why ever leave Outlook? SageCRM for Sage Accpac ERP runs within the framework of your Microsoft Outlook and has complete, two-way synchronisation with Outlook contacts, calendar (appointments) and tasks, in addition to enhanced e-mail integration.

Wireless PDA Access and Offline Synchronisation
With PDA access your salepeople or service personnel can use the CRM System when they are out on the road and synchronise when they are in radio range.

Workflow and Telephony Integration
SageCRM for Sage Accpac ERP has sophisticated Automated Process Workflow and Customization capabilities as well as Computer Telephony Integration, Web Self Service and more.

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